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Special Dietary Requirements - All sandwiches can be catered to suit with regard to butter, mayonnaise or any other specific requirements such as allergies or Halal options

Drinks - Coffee and teas, and a range of soft drinks are available on request

Delivery - Available to surrounding area

Ordering - We are available to take orders from 7am - 5pm Mon - Fri. Platters can be ready from 7.30am. With short notice or in emergencies we will always help to deliver as soon as possible. 

Please place orders by telephone or fax

Payment - by cash, cheque or card in thedeli or over the phone

Sandwich Platters

Sandwich Platters

Cold Sandwich Platters

A selection of simple sandwiches (sample selection below) served on white handmade ciabatta bread or brown sliced rye or wholemeal bread

½ ciabatta or equivalent per person £3 perhead

¾ ciabatta or equivalent per person £4 perHead

Roast Beef, Salad and Mayo
Roast Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry
Roast Turkey, Salad and Mayo
Roast Ham, Salad and Mayo
Cheese, Tomato and Red Onion
Cheese, Salad and Mayo
Tuna Onion, Salad and Mayo
Egg Mayonnaise
Cheese and Pickle

Crisp bowls are 50p per person extra

Salad bowls are £1 per person extra

Executive Platter


A mix of deli sandwiches (sample selection below) all on handmade bread, from granary rolls, ciabatta or other speciality bread.

Includes crisp bowls, pots of olives and other deli


1 and ½ sandwiches per person £4.50 per head

Including Salad Bowls £5.50 per head

Pastrami, Emmental, gherkin, tomato & piccalilli

Salami, smoked cheese, tomato & meat salad
Pork, roquette and red onion marmalade
Turkey and ham club
Smoked ham, cream cheese and tomato
Beef salad
Turkey salad
Ham salad
Hummus and roasted vegetables
Cream cheese and cucumber
Egg mayo and roasted red peppers
Brie and cranberry
Mature cheddar, tomato and pickle

Business Lunch


Hot Carvary Sandwich Platter

A mix of hot carvery sandwiches served on granary and ciabatta bread, straight out of the oven including chicken peri peri, roast beef, turkey, pork, and gammon, served with stuffing, fried onions, salsa, cranberry sauce, and apple sauce.

Hot vegetarian sandwiches also available, including grilled halloumi cheese and tomato, tuna melt, veggie melt and other fillings on request.

½ ciabatta or equivalent per person £5 per
¾ ciabatta or equivalent per person £7 per

Breakfast Platters

A mix of hot rolls including bacon, sausage, egg,
grilled halloumi and tomato, and vegetarian

1 Roll per person £2.50 per head
1 and ½ Roll per person £3.50 per head
Pastry Platter £2.50 per head
A selection of Danish Pastries, Croissants and Muffins

Meat and Cheese and Salad Bowl

Sliced meats from roast beef, turkey, ham, salamis,
and pastrami, to peri-peri chicken skewers and
samosas. Cheeses also available. All served with a
selection of salad bowls and olives :

Mediterranean red pepper and sundried tomato
Pasta Salad
Spicy Cous Cous
Traditional Greek Salad
Balsamic Sundried Tomato Roquette and Parmesan

£6.00 per head
£6.50 per head including fresh crusty bread

The above can also be mixed with sandwich
Platters on request

Cakes And Fruit And Cheese

Dessert or Fruit bowls available for £2.00 per
head. Cake selection includes Greek cakes - Baklava,
Chocolate Brownie.
Cheese Board and Crackers also available.


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